My vision for my body of work was to capture the metaphors that are held within the complex simplicity of my subjects. Each image has been stripped to the raw element of black and white, causing the mind’s eye to read the unique nuances of each subject. The dance between light, shape and form is used to capture an intrinsic understanding of the subject as well as the photographer’s intentional metaphoric vision for my images which dances along the edge of simplicity.



The simplistic use the elements of monochromatic photography –light, shape and form – are used as protagonistic entities within the story of the frame.

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From the depths of the day the gentle whispers begin to emerge.

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‘Aina: Threshold 4° F

While on the Hawai’i island documenting the vast lava fields and the lava flow, I was taken aback as I observed an island literally giving birth (Kīlauea volcano) to new land. In the active lava fields, new life (vegetation) was flourishing. From the air I could see the stark contrasts of the natural as well as human element that was encroaching the natural landscapes and ‘aina. It was those two realities – the natural and man’s direct impact on the land that touched my core being. During that moment in the lava fields of Hawai’i island, a photographic vision was born, which was the impetus for ‘Aina: Threshold 4° F.

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