About Me

I’m originally from southern Ohio and moved to Honolulu in 2007 to take up a teaching position here. I am an early childhood educator and currently work in the role of pedagogista (pedagogy specialist) in the Mid-Pacific Reggio-inspired preschool. In my role as a Reggio-inspired pedagogista, I spend a considerable amount of time photographing to document the children’s learning processes, stories, and natural environments. It is not unusual for me to photograph 500 images a day of children’s work. I have been doing this type of documentary photography work for over 21 years.In 2012, after several years of living in Hawaii, my passion for photography began to emerge beyond the classroom. I became interested in documentary, street and macro photography. In wanting to learn more about the camera, in particular the photographic process, I began attending Pacific New Media’s photography classes. As my knowledge of the camera as a tool began to deepen, my vision for seeing photography as a “language” for my self-expression awakened. Photography has become my second passion.

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